Valentin Baltov - Sandanski

Sandanski Inn Tavern & BBQ

 For contacts:

64 St. Stambolov Str.

Valentin Baltov

00359 888/122 666 00359 887/95 99 09 00359 898/75 66 56



Welcome! We offer Bulgarian national dishes

Sandanski Inn Tavern - BBQ disposes of 100 seats in a hall located and open terrace offers other 50 seats. Steam and a fireplace heat the tavern. Sandanski Inn Valentine Tavern – BBQ offers Bulgarian national dishes, soups, meals in earthenware dishes, grilled meats, salads, BBQ, fish, game, home-made sheep’s milk cheese and yoghurt, home made cakes and breads, Bulgarian pastry.

Home-made Bulgarian brandies and wines (white and red) are offered.

We offer folklore programs for organised groups.






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